Homeopathy in the Sussex Community

Homeopathy is a system of natural, holistic medicine, which seeks to trigger the body's natural system of healing.

This medical therapy has been used to treat a very wide range of conditions for many hundreds of years. Homeopathy was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates and mentioned in ancient Hindu manuscripts. Today, homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world, as recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A central principle of homeopathy is that 'like cures like' - in other words, a substance that causes certain symptoms can also help to remove those symptoms. In homeopathic medicines substances are used in minimum dose, which makes them non toxic.

Homeopathic treatment is always tailored to the individual. It can also be used alongside conventional medicine to give an integrated approach to healthcare.

This is Sarah Eames medical doctor and president of the Faculty of Homeopathy talking about her experience of integrating homeopathy with conventional treatment

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