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Offering holistic care to marginalised groups in Sussex


Founded in 2011, HISC has established strong partnerships with local organisations that support those in need. We work with domestic and sexual violence charities as well as supporting people who are recovering from long term mental health issues. Our projects enable vulnerable and marginalised members of the Sussex community to access low-cost treatment with professional, highly qualified and experienced homeopaths.

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To acknowledge International Women's Day, we are thrilled to share this powerful video highlighting the amazing work carried out every day by HISC partner, Survivors Network.



HISC's weekly clinic was established in 2012 at the request of RISE clients. It provides homeopathic support to women and children affected by the trauma of domestic abuse. 

Complementary therapies can help by reducing stress and providing a safe place to talk and be listened to. Homeopathy sessions are offered at very low cost, helping to empower women emotionally and psychologically to move on with their lives.

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Since 2018, HISC has worked in partnership with Survivors’ Network, the Sussex Rape Crisis Center, to provide a homeopathy service to adults (18yrs +) who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault at any point in their lives. 

The clinic runs three times a month and is popular amongst service users at Survivors’ Network who report that homeopathy is a supportive therapy alongside other services provided. Staff members have also welcomed the homeopathy service as they are able to refer people who are on waiting lists for other services or those who are suffering physical, mental or emotional health issues and would like to access a complementary healthcare option.

The homeopathy sessions are offered at very low cost, helping to empower people emotionally and psychologically to move on with their lives.

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In 2017, HISC was invited to work with Safe in Sussex at their refuges for individuals and families affected by domestic abuse. In 2018, HISC piloted a homeopathy service in their West Sussex refuges; this includes a new style of refuge, based on a Dutch model, sited in the community rather than at a hidden location. It aims at early intervention, respite and support before the abuse has escalated.

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With over 35 years experience as a homeopath, herbalist, acupuncturist and lecturer, Hilery is a well known advocate for natural healthcare and a highly respected member of the international homeopathic community.

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Project Coordinator

Carmel’s role as HISC’s project co-ordinator involves establishing successful partnerships with local organisations, and fundraising to enable the delivery of homeopathic services to a range of marginalised groups.

A professional homeopath since 2008, she passionately believes that homeopathy and complementary therapies should be widely available and accessible to all. 

After years of volunteering, in 2017 Carmel qualified as a community development practitioner. She works part time for The Hangleton & Knoll Project, supporting community groups and initiatives to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the local area.  



Project Homeopath

Therese qualified as a homeopath in 2008 and runs a busy private practice in Shoreham. She joined HISC in September 2012 and is involved in several projects.

Therese helped set up the homeopathy pilot project at Rise treating women, children and LGBT people affected by domestic abuse. She finds this work extremely rewarding and fully supports Rise's vision: Freedom from Domestic Abuse: Don't accept it. Don't expect it. Don't ignore it.

Therese also joined the Homeopathy service at the Mental Health Recovery Services at Southdown Housing Trust in 2013 for a year. And since 2017 she has been involved in piloting and supervising HISC’s project with Safe in Sussex.



Project Homeopath

The former Chair of HISC (2011-13), Tara has been working as a homeopath since qualifying in 2006. She also practices reflexology and aromatherapy. As well as running a busy holistic health practice, she is also involved in several organisations helping local people improve their physical, emotional and mental health. In her previous career, Tara has worked in communications, PR, office management and cyber-security.



Chair and Communications Advisor

Jo joined HISC’s board of Trustees in 2018 as Communications Advisor and was also appointed to the role of Chair in 2022. She is a professional homeopath and runs a busy practice in Lewes.

Before training as a homeopath, Jo worked as a communications specialist for several high-profile charities, campaigning for human rights, peace and the environment. She remains committed to a natural and more ethical approach to life. 

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Helen qualified as a homeopath in 2005 and homeopathy has been a big part of her family life and approach to health ever since. Helen is currently working for East Sussex County Council, supporting adults as a professional Social Worker. Helen has recently joined HISC and has taken on the role of Secretary and Safeguarding Lead.

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Tina trained with KPMG as a Chartered Accountant and went on to Finance Manager and Director roles in the BBC, Ogilvy & Mather and other London-based media organisations.  

She also trained as a complementary therapist and naturopath and went on to manage the first integrated healthcare centre in the UK.  

Tina has two teenaged children and is now studying to be a counsellor. Her interest in homeopathy originally stems from her study of naturopathy and she has used homeopathy successfully with her family over the past 20 years.



Client Advisor

Michelle is a retired, award-winning hairstylist, who discovered the benefits of homeopathy in 2004 and later began integrating holistic and well-being therapies into her hairdressing practice.

Michelle’s story is one of hope. Despite experiencing childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, and rape, which resulted in several suicide attempts and an eating disorder, she has found a path to healing. By working with therapists and clinical psychologists, and by focusing on self-care with healthy food, meditation, yoga, and walks in nature, she believes we can all thrive, not just survive.

Michelle is qualified in several holistic therapies and is passionate about helping others heal their own traumas. Mother to a teenage son, and a trained volunteer with Survivors Network, she helps with the Peer Support Group and Self-Care Workshops.



Clinical Advisor

Lotte is a dentist and joined the team in 2019. She is a long standing member of the High Dene dental practice in Henfield. She is a member of the Faculty of Homeopathy, the British Homeopathic Dental Association and also has a Licenciate from South Downs School of Homeopathy. Lotte is an enthusiastic supporter of community homeopathy projects.



Business Advisor

Claire is a trained accountant and has several years experience working in multinational financial services companies and as a Risk Management consultant. 

Claire’s interest in healing and complementary therapies evolved as she began to consider a more holistic approach to well-being. And thanks to a talented homeopath who helped her, Claire became aware of the power of homeopathic treatments. 

Claire is currently developing her land to become a centre for permaculture and healing.


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We rely on donations from generous individuals to keep our projects up and running. Support our work by donating now; even the smallest amount makes a big difference. Thank you.

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We've made it even easier for you to help us raise funds. Sign up and use the Easy Fundraising app when you shop online, and we receive a small donation at no extra cost to you. 


We are hugely grateful to the following organisations who support us in our aim to bring holistic care to marginalised groups in Sussex. Thanks also to the many individuals for their generous donations; every penny helps keep our projects up and running.

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